Miracool hardhat cooling products: Bandannas, Cellulose Sweatband, Terry Toppers sweatbands, Hard Hat Pads with Neck Shade.

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Miracool Bandannas
Miracool Bandannas Miracool Bandannas
Cooling Crystals Absorb and Hold

Cool Refreshing Water

MiraCool Cooling Crystals encased within the 100% cotton fabric absorb and hold up to 1000 times their weight in cool refreshing water. MiraCool Crystals work in combination with the evaporation process. When worn against head, neck or body, cooling sensations are passed to pulse points and carried throughout the body....

Miracool Bandannas
MiraCool products are ideal for factory, construction and laundry room workers, welders, painters, chefs or anyone working or playing in a warm environment - indoors or out....
        • Just Soak In Cold Water for 30 Minutes
          Stays Hydrated For Several Days
          Reusable Thousands Of Times
          Works Without Freezing Or Ice
          Increases Alertness & Productivity

Miracool Hard Hats Terry Toppers
Hard Hats Terry Toppers
Absorbent Sweatband for Hard Hats

Terry Toppers® Hard Hat Sweatband: The worlds most absorbent hard hat sweatband. Installs in an instant - no fumbling with snaps. Reversible, Machine washable, Insulated metal stays. Extra foam middle layer for absorbency and comfort.

Miracool Cellulose Sweatband
Miracool Cellulose Sweatband
Cellulose Sweatband 25 count

Wicks away perspiration while allowing cooling evaporation to take place. Stays naturally soft at all times and won't tear, break, flake or become dry and brittle.

Contains no chemicals to keep it soft like other cellulose sweatbands. Fits under hard hat, welding hood or sandblast hood....

Miracool cooling products
Miracool Hard Hat Pad

Miracool Hard Hat Pad - mly-occ968

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"The head has many blood vessels close to the skin, which influence body temperature. Use your head to stay cool with Mira Cool Hard Hat inserts. "
Miracool Deluxe Hard Hat Pad

Miracool Deluxe Hard Hat Pad - mly-occ969

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Occunomix Snap On Terry Cloth Sweatband

Occunomix Snap On Terry Cloth Sweatband - mly-Occ870

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  • Plush, not scratchy
  • Absorbent without having to wash first
  • More economical than many other sweatbands
  • Machine washable
  • Available in navy and beige
  • 100% soft plush cotton





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Great under helmets, caps, hats, bandanas, or any headwear item.

Perfect for athletes, weekend warriors, bicyclists, motorcyclists, baseball, hockey, football, golf, equestrians, construction workers, fast food workers, surgeons, Military,firemen, miners... anyone who wears any headwear item and needs the extra comfort that only HEADLINE IT! can provide. A must for ALL AGES.

High tech wicking materials that breath and are portable & disposable.
Come in packages of ten individually wrapped liners
Keep sweat out of eyes
Reduces odor causing bacteria
Protect hats, helmets, wigs and headwear from oils and sweat stains.
Ultra thin and hygienic.
Saves money: Extends life of hats, wigs and headwear items.

Sold by the each. Each packet is individually wrapped and can easily fit inside a pocket when not in use

Cutting edge technology and aesthetics make it highly effective at absorbing sweat, and pleasing to all.

Occunomix MiraCool Wipes - 40 Count Cannister

Occunomix MiraCool Wipes - 40 Count Cannister - mly-999W-40SP

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Just pull from canister and wipe over face, neck or head. For enhanced comfort, try chilling the MiraCool Wipes™ canister in an ice chest or refrigerator prior to use.

Stay cool during or refreshing after –

Working in heated conditions

Athletic activities – playing or watching

Outdoor activities – golf, cycling,camping, fishing, etc


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